Tereza Vítů (1992) is a Czech actress, living in Prague.  She studied in the Musical Theatre Department of the Prague conservatory where her teachers included Kateřina Vlková, Veronika Žilková, Milan Kačmarčík and Jan Potměšil. 
While still at school she joined the South Bohemian Theatre where she portrayed a number of roles and worked with directors including Thomas Zielinski, Ivan Krejčí, Lukáš Brutovský, Martin Glaser and Petr Zelenka. 
With her colleagues from the Jihoceske Theatre she has played at the Revolving Theatre in Český Krumlov, where she portrayed Constance in The Three Musketeers and Maid Marian in Robin Hood. 
After four years at Jihoceske Theatre she returned to her hometown of Prague to focus on her work in front of the camera. Still in cooperation with the Jihoceske Theatre, she has also worked with the Bodyvoice Band Ensemble and in September 2017 she starts rehearsals with Městská divadla pražská. 

She got her first big break in Bez doteku (Without a Touch, M. Chlupáček,  2013) where she portrayed Jolana. She then played the role of Hana in the drama Hany (M. Samir, 2014), worked on the short film Furiant (O. Hudeček, 2015) which won The Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, and on the short film Ďábel čeká na smrt (The Devil Awaiting Death, O. Růžička,  2017). 

She regularly works with FAMO and FAMU International, including on English-speaking films. Television viewers will know her as Alena Koukalová from Ulice and she has also appeared in music videos by groups including Chinaski, Pub Animals, Obří Broskev and DiCaprio. 

In her spare time she enjoys running, dancing, rock climbing, hiking and swimming. Since 2014 she has also been working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. 
Her love of music and singing inspired her to form the band Cuvée in 2015. In cooperation with pianist Jan Ales (Laco Deczi Group, Klara Vytiskova) she is the principal songwriter in the group. 
"When I play with my band or write songs, I find the freedom I need to function. Through acting I have had the opportunity to get to discover the world from different perspectives and I realise better who I want to be and who I don't."

TV and films

2017 | Venku je na nule

music video for the band Chinaski; director: Martin Linhart; role: maid

2016 - 17 | Ulice

- TV series; director: Stanislav Sládeček, Jiří Andrle, Juraj Deák, atd.; role: Alena Koukalová

2017 | Ďábel čeká na smrt

short film; director: Daniel Růžička; role: Lída

2016 | Kreutzerova sonáta

recorded performance; director: Lukáš Brutovský; role: Žena

2016 | She

video for band DiCaprio; director: Robert Picka

2016 | Detektivní

music video fot the band Pub Animals; vhsproduction; role: paní Pokorná

2015 | The Peacock

Short film; director: Ondřej Hudeček

2014 | Hany

film; director: Mike Samir; role: Hanka

2014 | Places

film; director: Radim Špaček

2013 | Without a touch

director: Matěj Chlupáček; role: Jolana


2020 | Podzimní sonáta

Vršovické divadlo MANA, režie: Ondřej Zajíc

2020 | 5 za 1

Vršovické divadlo MANA, režie: Ondřej Zajíc, role: Rosa

2018 | I <3 Mamma

Divadlo ABC, režie: Petr Svojtka, role: Abi

2017 | Otec

ROKOKO theatre

2017 | Ženy Jindřicha VIII. aneb Chudák král(em)

Revolving theatre in Český Krumlov; director: Martin Glaser; role: Jana Seymourová

2017 | Dekameron

Revolving theatre in Český Krumlov; director: Martin Glaser; role: Death (Mariana)

2017 | Don Juan

South Bohemian theatre; director: Thomas Zielinski; role: Karlička

2016 | Knězovy děti

South Bohemian theatre; director: Jana Kališová; role: Vesna

2016 | Robin Hood

Revolving theatre in Český Krumlov; director: Martin Glaser; role: Mariana

2016 | Hand to God

South Bohemian theatre; director: Janusz Klimsza; role: Jessica

2016 | Shakespeare in Hollywood

South Bohemian; director: Jana Kališová; role: Olivie

2015 | Archa naděje

South Bohemian theatre; director: Jana Kališová; role: Ada Langerová

2015 | Kreutzerova sonáta

South Bohemian theatre; director: Lukáš Brutovský; role: Žena

2015 | Pes Baskervillský

Revolving theatre in Český Krumlov; director: Petr Zelenka

2015 | Pohani

South Bohemian theatre; director: Mikoláš Tyc; role: Kristýna

2015 | Zavolejte Jeevese (P. G. Wodehouse)

South Bohemian theatre; director: Martina Schlegelová; role: Zenobie Nobby Hopwoodová

2015 | Poker face

South Bohemian theatre; director: Thomas Zielinski; role: Pavlína

2014 | The Three Musketeers

Revolving theatre in Český Krumlov; director: Martin Glaser; role: Constance Bonacieux

2014 | Louis a Louisa

South Bohemian theatre; director: Ivan Krejčí; role: Louisa

2014 | Yerma

South Bohemian theatre; director: Jiří Heřman; role: 3.pradlena, 2.děvče

2014 | Blackout

South Bohemian theatre; director: Martin Glaser; role: Klára

2013 | War

Bodyvoice Band; director: Jaroslava Šiktancová

2012 | Roztomilý člověk

Prague conservatory theatre; director: Gustav Skála; role: Karla Hašková